Epson Error Code 0xea And Tips of resolving It

Epson is a popular Japanese brand. The brand is associated with the manufacture and sales of printers and printer accessories. There can be many errors associated with Epson printers. Epson error code 0xea is one such error type. This type of problem is prevalent with Epson printers. Such problems are caused when adequate care is not given to how the packaging materials are removed. The prime cause of this type of error is packaging material jamming the printer cartridge caddy. Such issues can also be caused due to the displacement of the printer cartridge inside the printer. What to do if you face such problems? You can try to fix the issue DIY by following the steps that are mentioned online. If resolving the issue is out of your scope then you can seek the assistance of the customer support team.

Epson Error Code 0xea
Epson Error Code 0xea

Epson Error Code 0xea

This blog highlights the different steps that the printer user must adopt to fix the Epson error code 0xea.

We all know that Epson is a popular brand when it comes to printing stuff. There are different types of Epson printers available. These printers find use in homes and offices. The Epson printers are affordable. They known to deliver quality print-outs. Most importantly, they known to last for a long period. While using Epson printers the user may confront printer issues caused because of a variety of reasons including the use of the wrong type of paper.

Printer error code 0xea is a common type of printer issue with Epson printers. This type of issue occurs when the packaging material not removed properly. Because of this printer error, the print spooler stops without any reason. However, in this context, it is important to know that the fixes for such type of printer issues are easy. In 6 out of 10 situations the fixes for this type of printer issue work well. The prime cause of the printer problem is the jamming of the cartridge caddy by the packaging material. The other cause of such printer issues is the misplacement of the printer cartridge inside the printer. Call Epson phone number for further support & service.

Method 1: Removing the Jammed Paper

One of the methods that can be used to fix the relevant issue is by removing the jammed paper. If there exists any packaged material inside the printer then it needs to totally and carefully removed. Once the packaged material removed it is important to note whether any other paper is causing jamming issues in the printer. It advised to the printer user to open up the printer, take a good look at the inside of the printer. The person must ensure that no paper, materials or tape stuck inside the printer. Also, the printer user needs to make sure that the printer cartridges sealed properly.

Method 2: Reseating the Cartridges

If the above method of fixing the Epson error code 0xea did not work then the printer user can try reseating the cartridges to fix the printer issue. If the printer spooler stops working all of a sudden then the printer user needs to reseat the printer cartridges. Once the packaging materials removed from within the printer the printer user should try to reseat the printer cartridges. 

At first, the printer needs to be switched off. After that, the printer user needs to take out all the printer cartridges. The printer user needs to inspect the cartridges thoroughly to make sure that no packaging material is on the cartridges. If the printer user finds nothing then the person can attempt reseating the cartridges before checking them again.

Next, the printer user must turn on the printer. The printer user must then see if the printer error exists or not. If the printer error does not exist then the printer user can commence using the machine for domestic or official purposes. 

If the above methods of fixing Epson error code 0xea did not fix the issue then it is a good thing that you use the Epson printer support toll-free number or the Epson printer helpline number and get in touch with the Epson customer support team. The Epson customer support team made up of experts who skilled in resolving all types of printer issues smartly.